Monday, September 20, 2010

It Has Arrived!

Okay, I know you are all are impressed to get another post so soon. Now T is too young to use some of the dreaded phrases that kids use to really just irritate their parents. We have heard are we there yet from him, or what's for dinner? We have even heard those from J. He is usually content with waiting to see what food is put in front of him. He also asks how far things are before we leave, so that takes care of the other question. In this day and age of ordering online there is one that we have had to hear for over a week now. Has my Ipod come? J ordered himself the new Ipod Touch. He has been waiting patiently....yes, that is used with a big sound of sarcasm there, for it to arrive. One interesting thing to note here is the differences in prices here. I knew US prices for many things were cheaper than in Europe. We have relatives that buy out places when they come to visit. J's Ipod was $120 cheaper than it would be for him to buy it at home. What you find interesting is some of the other things that are steals here. One of things I was surprised to see J wear was Carhart. He has jeans there. Now my southern and hunting friends will probably fall over to read this. Carhart is considered luxury wear in Germany. Now most clothing is expensive in Germany. To hear though that J can buy five pair of Carhart jeans for the price that he pays for one pair here is amazing to me. He is waiting for the day that he gets to go shopping over here. He will also be purchasing another suitcase to go home, so he can take everything back with him. It is the little things for him in life. I am just hoping his father doesn't regret that credit card he gave him. Good thing he put a limit on it.

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