Friday, October 1, 2010

Rain Day!

Today, J had a rain day, or you can call it a flood day. We were one of the areas on the East coast that were inundated with rain. We were caught up in two systems, and one of them was Tropical Storm Nicole remnants. That led to flooding which then led to school being cancelled for today. J started doing a rain dance last night even though we reminded him that it now adds to the end of his school year. He told us in Germany they don't make up days. Also, like college in the US if the teachers call out sick their class is cancelled. Obama may want to check out that part of his adding to the school year. Germany is one of the countries that average going a month longer than the US students, but over a course of the year they actually go less because canceling classes is very common over there J says. Plus their school day is much shorter. The sun did come out this afternoon, and we took the dogs out to play in the backyard. The two of them were ready to romp around after being cooped up. Labs really aren't really known to be true coach potatoes if they can help it. Tomorrow, we are off to our big adventure in Hershey. It should be fun.

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