Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday Fun at the Lake

I know I don't normally put pictures on here, but I also know some of my readers aren't F.B friends of mine. I don't think I could explain everything here, and give you the true mental image that the picture can.

Yesterday, was the first time in a long while, that we had the chance to hang out as a family. J had been so busy with his friends and going to soccer games there really wasn't much family time. Yesterday morning, he and I watched the Borussia Dortmund game on the computer. We do not have the extended sports package on our satellite, but J is very good at finding streams for us to watch on the computer. Dortmund tied the game up in extended time on a penalty kick. It was great, and there was a lot of yelling coming out of J's room with the two of us celebrating. I have really gotten into watching soccer and following the team. I already to J he needs to give me the sites names, so I can watch Dortmund next year when he isn't here.

It was so nice yesterday afternoon that L and I decided to take the boat out on the lake. We have a rather large lake that isn't that far from where we live. L bought the boat a little while before J arrived. L, with J's help in spots, rebuild the whole boat including the engine. To say I was impressed is an understatement. We wanted to get the boat out once or twice before we had to shut it down for the winter. Also, there are toys people buy when they own a boat, and we own skis and a kneeboard. J has been dying to try the kneeboard. He thought he would get to go last weekend, but his friends couldn't come, and there wasn't anyone to go that could be a spotter. Yesterday, T was awake, so we all could go. T ended up faceplanting while getting his life vest adjusted and hit his head off the pavement, but he okay to go boating. The water was perfect, and there were many boats on the lake. L stopped at what he thought we be a good place for J to start kneeboarding. Luckily, L bought wetsuits because the water temperature was on the cool side. The adults thought it would take J a bit to get the hang of kneeboarding. We both were wrong. J got right up and a few seconds was surfing the wake coming off the boat. It was long after that he was doing 360 spins. You can see from the picture above that he also figured out how to jump the wake getting the board up in the air. L did all in his power to throw him off the board, but J held on. The only true time he had an issue was when a large boat went by him and its wake caused a nice sized wave that J hit. That did cause him to fall off the board. Other than that, he did amazingly well. He had a huge smile on his face the whole time. I was glad that he got to do it, and even more glad that I was there to watch him do it. It was nice spending the day as our family of four. It just was another day that I am glad to say that we have an exchange student to share moments like this.

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  1. It certainly looks like J is a natural for that sport. I too was impressed with the job that L did with the boat. I think it will be a nice way for your family to enjoy the lake since it is so close. It will be interesting to see how T does, once he is big enough.